A Homeschooler’s Checklist in Enrolling to College

Chasing your dreams in the city might need you to prepare for a college. Stepping outside the house and merging into the busy city is a complicated task. Of course, Lesson Tutor is a great channel to getting you fully equipped with knowledge in completing your K-12 years. However, some might be shocked as they weren’t able to prepare for the important skills needed in college. To keep you fully equipped not only with academic excellence but also in adjusting to a new environment, here’s a quick tip for you.

What should you prepare before stepping into the college?

Public Speaking and Written Communication Skills

By the time you step inside the college perimeter, it’s important that you’ve already built enough confidence to face other people. Getting used to being the only student at home is somewhat challenging in switching to a crowded place. If you wish to pass all your subjects in college, it is advised that you develop the skill of public speaking. Also, have time to adjust and learn other written communication skills in relaying your thoughts into the academe standard.

Time and Life Management Skills

As deadlines in a homeschool are mostly weekly or simply all the tasks must be done by the end of the time, there is really a need to adjust to time management. Getting into the college means hectic schedule and running after the instructor just to submit your paperwork. Therefore, it’s important that you learn how to multitask and adjust to cramping in order to get everything done accordingly. Also, in college, you are the one who needs to decide what must be done. You can’t let the instructor decide on what’s best for you because things are mostly prepared before you even enrolled.

Effective Taking Notes

Being used to homeschool is different and it needs adjustments in line with taking notes. Most of the time, studying at home is consist of being handed with loads of research paper and activities without the need to lecture each detail. If you’re going to a college, you must expect a real hustle in action. Be prepared to take down notes. You can watch videos as to how a real discussion in a classroom is done. By then, you’ll have the idea on when is the time to jot down important notes from the sudden talks of an instructor.

Some of the actual notes you should identify during a discussion are as follows:

  • Specific dates and names in an event
  • Words and phrases which are repeated or spoken in a louder tone
  • Develop abbreviation method to remember multiple things easily
  • Definition of important terms