Month: January 2018

The Nash Metropolitan Car

The Metropolitan was designed as an economical vehicle alternative for the family. Known as “Hudson” when and Nash, and Hudson merged.

economical vehicle

The car was designed in 1949 by Nash Motor Corporation of America. They worked on a small car and gave the codename NXI or Nash Experimental International. The company took a significant risk and a brave step of producing a miniature vehicle when everyone was working on bigger cars. The mindset of people during this days was “bigger is better.” The company presented the car to the public, and it sparked interests. The small audience accepted a small, economical car that would become the second car for the family. But they all gave a remark that the car had to be properly priced.

The Nash Metropolitan parts were economically chosen. It has an engine from Austin which is a 1.2 liter four-cylinder A-40 engine. The engine had aluminum pistons, overhead valves, a counterbalanced crankshaft and a Zenith downdraft carburetor. Its low compression of 7.2:1 made it an economical car that can use an average of 41.57 miles per gallons consumption of gasoline. The transmission of the car was a three-speed manual column shift.

The company manufactured the car in two models, both with two doors – the convertible and hardtop. The vehicles were unit-body designs when at the time most cars were body-on-frame. The car was one of the smallest during the era. It had an 85-inch wheelbase and 150-inch length, with a height of under 55 inches. The modern shape stood out, and the short wheelbase and long overhangs made the ride more interesting for users.

The car has been upgraded several times. After building the first 10,000 vehicles, the engine was changed to a B-series. It was still using a 1,200 cc engine. New modifications, such as a new gearbox and hydraulic actuation for the clutch. The change to a new engine and gearbox added some weight to the car. It was then referred to as Series II or the NK2.

On November 1955 they developed NK3. They added polished stainless steel sweep spears on the body sides, allowing a new two-tone finish. They redesigned the grille and the non-functional hood scoop removed. Changed the interior to incorporate a “houndstooth” check material for the seats. The dashboard was also painted black. It was then named as Metropolitan 1500 to differentiate it from the earlier 1,200cc models.

The Series IV was developed in January 1959, and they saw a significant redesigning for the Metropolitan. The external decklid was added and vent windows. The engines were upgraded to an increased compression ratio from 7.2:1 to 8.3:1.

The Nash Metropolitan went to several series of upgrades and redesigning, but they still proved to be one of the most comfortable car and safest to use.

Know more about keratin hair straightening treatments

Everyone does accept that hair holds a prominent place in outlook and appearance. Straight and curl are two common types found all over the world. The love for straight and smooth hair never gets reduced between people.  Most important things to consider in straight hair are they are easy to manage and maintain.  It is possible try several of hair styles while owning straight hair. This is why people do crave to own straight hair. If you are gifted with curly hairs, there is no longer necessary to regret. It is possible to straighten your hair. Treatments are available to convert curly hair to straighten hair and enjoy features in straight hairs.

When it comes to hair straightening, you can find several of classification. Major classification on permanent hair straightening is listed as follows.

  1. The Keratin treatment or mostly known as the Brazilian straightening
  2. Thermal reconditioning or mostly known as the Japanese straightening.
  3. Hair rebonding.
  4. Chemical straightening

In the above mentioned types, keratin hair straightening is one of the best option and choice of many people. Keratin is nothing but a protein which is commonly found on teeth, hair, nails.  Presence of keratin makes helps the hair to healthier, silkier, straight and stronger etc. This straightening process is found to have higher efficacy and thus, the interest of people is increased to try these treatments.

This treatment is more like other hair straightening treatments but products with higher keratin are used while straightening.  Since your hair gets more keratin, it helps them to get rid of damages and other problems. On an average, it takes 90 minutes to complete this treatment; the time can elapse with lengthier and curlier hairs.  Do not wash your hair for three to days after your straightening treatments. Solutions used on straightening process need time to work and you should give such space to them to get the better efficacies.

Once you undergone this treatments, avoid using shampoos with salts and start using shampoo with more protein. Those kinds of shampoo help them to last longer days.

When it comes to permanent hair straightening process, it last only for 6 months to one year.  You have to undergo this treatment after your hair starts to turn curly.  By taking treatments continuously, the texture of the hair gets turned to straight and after that, needless to undergo these treatments.

Transforming the Phone into Stylish Gadget with Exquisite Wallpapers

A mobile phone is an important gadget that makes the daily routine for everyone. With the development of android and iPhone people can now enjoy the numerous application that makes life easier. The mobile phone acts as a status symbol for many people, which they try to customize according to their interest. The best method to customize the phone is by choosing a unique wallpaper that will make it look different from others. There are many websites like the that provides diverse options of photo wallpapers, which will entice people with its beautiful designs. The colorful wallpaper HD quality will make the phone look good without any additional accessories.

Standing out gracefully with an Edge

Mobile phones are the effective medium of communication that keeps people connected with each other. On an average a person spends 5-6 hours on the phone, so the wallpaper is highly significant to influence the mood of the person. A good wall paper provides following advantages to the people like;

  • It allows customization of the phone to suit the mood of the person precisely. A right wallpaper can improve the mood of the person and bring smile on a difficult day.
  • The wallpaper HD clarity can motivate with its beautiful images or words that will lead them to success. The static or live wallpapers will give them the right push to achieve their dreams.

The Right Place to get Exclusive Designs

The provides users wallpapers with diverse varieties that will entice the people. People can choose wallpapers from a wide variety of choices like;

  • Category

  1. Flowers
  2. Animals
  3. Nature
  4. Furniture, and many more.
  • Resolution

  1. 1080×1920
  2. 1126×2436
  • Color

  1. White
  2. Black

The wallpapers are that fits people’s mood will perfectly fit their phone too as it works well with android and apple phones perfectly. The elegant wallpapers have good visual appeal that will make the phone look beautiful. It can capture the attention of others with the perfect picture that will suit every occasion.

The wallpapers have a direct impact on the mood of the person, which tempts many people to change the look of the phone using it. People can opt to check the designs from the best websites that provides them with the wide options to suit every need. It makes them happy, keeps them motivated, and change the look frequently. Therefore, it is the most opted method by people to have a phone that is different from others with the high quality diverse images.

Know more about the game character Mario

In this world, the games are the right companion which brings happiness to the people apart from the other things. The games may provide the people with satisfaction and fun when compared to the other ones. There are many games which brings you the right things in your mind. Though there are many things available online, it is necessary to grasp down the real benefits of playing games online. The games may bring you the right dealing in making things right.

If you are a teenage guy, then you might have come across the wonderful video game named Super Mario. It is a kind of video game which brings you the necessity in dealing with the right ones. Those are the type of games which made our childhood awesome and also made us to de3al with the best varieties of things online. With the help of the different types of the video games, you can enjoy your week end by playing such games.

The video games may provide the people with the right things in making things apt and so make sure about the games you are indulging upon. While playing the Mario characters, you may not be aware of some characters. If you wish to deal with the names of those characters, then visit the site which brings you the ability to deal with the best ones. There are many amazing stories which brings in the right methods to make things right.

The video games are the right form of games which makes the children to cross various levels with fun and enjoyment. During the starting stage of the video games, the Mario games have occupied our minds with astonishment and fun. Some may wish to degrade different types of games and so make sure about the best things available online. It would really be wonderful in knowing more about the particular information of our famous stars or heroes. It might increase your level of excitement in a particular field. Even there may be a short story behind the game. It can be known by researching about the particular mario bros characters often.

Make sure that you are dealing with the informative sites available online. There are many forms of online sites which makes you to feel so special by providing instant information about the particular topic.

Analyze the database easier with the server-based editor tool

Each and every work in this modern environment is done with the help of software applications that makes the user obtain the accurate result easier. Even it helps people to complete all their activities easier rather than doing the manual work. The most option to be used in creating software is to maintain an amazing database where it will help them to store all the data of the process. It is necessary to understand the SQL query where it helps people to insert, delete, or modify the existing data in an effective manner. But many people are worried about editing the query in a database. Thus, the online platform is now helping people with an effective editor tool for people.

This is a server-based platform where it will not require any installation procedure like the other software or applications. The user needs to install them on the server as well as they have to run the queries by using their browser window. This tool will analyze the database in an efficient, simple, and powerful manner. The user can now easily execute their database queries with the help of an online facility. People can now use this facility on their smart device that helps them to SELECT, DELETE, INSERT, or UPDATE the required statements in an easier way. Online SQL Editor will be the perfect tool to analyze the database with proper queries in it.

Attractive features with auto-complete option

People can now use multiple Editor Windows in an effective way with the help of this advanced tool. Moreover, a user can open the SELECT statement by directly right-clicking the table or by using the SQL button present in the top right of a current page. It even offers a save option where people can upload the saved queries in this advanced SQL editor. This editor platform will support with MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Netezza, Teradata, Redshift, Amazon RDS, and many other databases.

The auto-completion facility will make the business users more comfortable to join additional data or write new queries on other tables. Online SQL Editor provides different advanced features for all the people those results in the form of a grid such as sorting SQL, data grid filter, group-by function, and other functions in it. And now you can collect all the essential information of this advanced tool in an online site. Thus, people can now add new column or data into a database with the help of a powerful editor tool in the online platform.

Yantra By Hemant Oberoi

Missing Indian flavors?

The worst part of leaving India is leaving Indian food. India is a country of festivals, colors and flavors. Every state has its own tradition, culture, importance and food. No matter if its south India, north India , Maharashtra, Gujarat or any other state, they have their own flavor and every flavor have its own essence.

Indian chefs are now expanding the reach of Indian cuisine in foreign countries through their restaurant chains and such Yantra is result of such an effort.

Restaurant of celebrity chef

Yantra is a restaurant by Chef Hemant Oberoi, which is known for its Indian cuisine. It promotes to fine North Indian cuisine with a balance of contemporary and classic flavors. it also holds a very classic Bar that holds collection of uncommon and innovative whiskeys, non alcoholic and alcoholic tipples. They have the best wine collection in more than 250 new and old world labels to pair with food. Along with good food, they offer best services and surroundings.

The owner of the restaurant chef Hemant Oberoi is a very renowned Indian chef. His experimenting habit have made him a trend setter; he mix Indian and western food to invent a new dish. His menu is a perfect mix of authentic Indian cuisine and contemporary dishes. Chef Hemant Oberoi has market his achievement in culinary world by his signature dishes like Quinoa chaat, gulab jamun tiramisu and Varqui Crab. Food in Yantra is not only cooked delicious but also served beautifully. The idea behind serving is that it should give happiness to eater’s eyes first.

Chef Hemant Oberoi is not only celebrity chef but has also cooked for leading stars and world renowned personalities like ex President of America and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Marget Thatcher,  Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit. Yantra also owes many awards like Singapore Tatler best Restaurant 2012 and many more.

Dine area and Services

Dining area in the restaurant is extremely beautiful; it has dim and dark dividers that lit the décor which has been complemented with white tablecloths and extravagant seats. It really gives elegant and rich vibes to the eater. One of the best things about Yantra is that you don’t need to roam around the mall for washroom, they owe very clean and private washroom for their foodies.

If you are in Singapore make sure you visit there for authentic yet luxurious food.