Bitcoin brokers offers significant returns

Suppose we are optimistic about this index as a whole and especially over the next week (although in some cases it may be a month, day, hour, or even less). We open a Bitcoin to buy at S & P500 for $ 1,000, which expires in a week and offers a 78% return. Fast forward one week, and S&P after ups and downs ends only 1 point above the price, we bought a week ago. Well, in that case, we would be paid $ 1,780 for this successful exchange.

But what if we were wrong? Well, in this case, they will not return us anything in most cases. However, as previously suggested, this is not always the case. Some selected Bitcoin brokers actually offer significant returns, up to 15%, from loss-making operations. Such a structure can be much better for beginners in Bitcoin trading or a greater aversion to risk than a standard structure, where nothing returns when losing operations.

How Bitcoin brokers make money


There are many misunderstandings about how Bitcoin brokers bitcoin to inr make their money, and we found a lot of misinformation on the Internet about this issue. Many potential operators express concern that they may negotiate “against the broker” and that, therefore, brokers may have a conflict of interest and an occasion to incline the data to favorable results for the broker. Who knows what kind of incorrect information they discover? Wrong information, of course, in abundance.

For a Bitcoin trader who is more risk-prone or has experience, this may not be the best option, but for a beginner or more risk-prone choice, there may be a choice between Bitcoin brokers who offer some return on loss-making operations.