casters and wheels

Heavy Duty Swivel Caster Locks – Get the Information Here

An ability of locking the heavy duty swivel caster converts the swivel caster in the rigid caster. Locking the heavy duty wheel in the fixed position is only for a purpose to transport a caster (in many cases cart with the casters attached) certain distance and steering caster to the final desired place. When heavy duty caster is close to an exact destination, caster can get unlocked so cart will be moved to all directions and locate it. Locking caster offers complete flexibility for complete ease of the movement in the tight area as well as ease of transportation while traveling the longer distance.

Heavy Duty Swivel Casters with the Locks

The heavy duty swivel casters with lock will be built with the locking mechanism it’s manufactured, or you can request the installed brake for the caster, which has been purchased previously. We suggest that in case you want an ability of locking casters in the application that locks designed in an original design are highly desirable and may have the higher usable life cycle compared to locks that is applied after a fact.

Safety Optioncasters and wheels

The locks are often considered as the safety option because cart moved with 2 locked casters (one rigids) and 2 swivels is simple to handle than the cart, which has got 4 swivels. This can take lots of force for keeping the cart with four swivel casters on the track, whereas using 2 locking swivel casters leads to the injuries when trying to control the loaded cart.

Passive Caster Swivel Lock

Passive swivel lock can be used when the full mobility of the unit is required. Swivel lock plunger generally engages the detent as well as locks caster for the straight line movement. While side thrust can be applied, swivel unlocks offering maximum maneuverability of any unit. The swivel lock isn’t suggested for the towed applications.

Heavy Duty Lock

Heavy duty lock offers the longer and accessible handle that is made from the machined steel.

Demountable Swivel Lock

Demountable swivel caster lock is the field-installed choice accessible over 71 Series. Some other series are ordered with the demountable locks where the damage to swivel might take place.

Vertical Mounted Swivel Lock

Vertical mounted swivel caster lock can be mounted out of way, in a yoke base of your caster. It is used mainly in the heavy duty applications; the swivel lock offers the secure locking function.