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Learn How to Register on Amazon?

Learn how to register on amazon as seller When you scroll down the page and glance to the right, you will see this area. Under the Make Money menu item, click the ‘See Pricing’ button. You will be led to the registration page for professional sellers if you click the orange “Sign up” button. In contrast, selecting either the individual or professional account option after clicking the “See pricing” button will let you choose which registration to use.

how to register on amazon as seller ?

  • Select between a personal or business seller account.

The website offers both professional and individual selling plans. If your monthly selling rate surpasses 40 products, a professional account is advised. Even if you only plan to sell as a hobby and not as a business, you can still profit from this strategy because it can help you save money. But you should pick the individual plan if you simply intend to sell fewer items per month

  • Select “Create New Account” and fill out the required information.

You will be requested to provide your email address and a password for your seller account after choosing the seller plan. When finished, press the “Next” button. When you click the next button, a one-time password (OTP) that Amazon sends to the email address you supplied on the previous page will be required of you.

creating amazon account

Your email address is in some way verified by the OTP. To confirm your Amazon account information, enter the OTP. Click the “Create Amazon account” button after that.

  • Select your “Business kind” and “Business location.”

you must submit the following data as part of the registration process:

Business location: Specify the nation where your company is based here. This information will be verified by website staff, so it must be accurate.

Sort of enterprise:

  • State-owned enterprise
  • Publicly traded company
  • privately held company

The website will ask you for some personal information before letting you proceed. A form of identification will be required from you; depending on what works best for you, it might be your driver’s licence or passport number.

  • Billing details should be provided

Checking to see if the information associated with your credit card is accurate or genuine is another method by which Amazon confirms your identification. After selecting your marketplace, the following step is to enter your payment card information.

To know more about registering check out their website zonbase.