Make yourself feel better with a little wine

Hong Kong bars have had to close their doors for the first time in a year. However, a delivery service is still available, so you can still have beer, wine, spirits and mixers delivered to your home. BestBev wine shop online offers a wide variety of local and international craft beers. If you like something buzzy and frothy, you won’t be disappointed with its selection. You’ll find everything from chocolate stouts to vanilla ciders.

Black Sheep has created an app that allows us to order healthy food delivered to our door via its premium delivery service after 6pm, despite the temporary lockdown. You can enjoy all Black Sheep restaurants at home with wine free delivery hong kong from Stazione Novella, which has bottles that are exclusively for GO. Furthermore, you can browse a collection of wine from Stazione Novella, which is available from GO.

 champagne delivery

It’s no secret that everyone wants high-quality liquor – even better if they’re affordable. The Bottle Shop provides a wide selection of local beer, international cocktails, as well as gin, rum, tequila, and wine. If you buy mixers with your liquor, you won’t have to go to the supermarket again. Wines, beers, ciders, and spirits are available at Cellar Master Wines, one of Hong Kong’s largest online liquor retailers.

A young, energetic company specializing in fine, boutique spirits from around the world, Cuvees specializes in supplying liquors to hotels and bars in Hong Kong and Macau. As well as wine, Cuvee offers a wide variety of sake from six different prefectures from Japan, and a variety of spirits, from Armagnac to mezcal. Fresh ingredients, easy meals, and liquor have been available recently at grocery and dining spot Feather & Bone.