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What are Anti-climb products? How do they help?

The words anti and climb surely give out the true meaning of the word anti-climb. But to be precise, anti-climbing tools are designed to prevent someone from climbing a wall, fence or a gate. Any tool that will discourage an intruder to climb over a wall or a gate can probably be shadowed under anti-climbing products. Now, since these products are available in the open market we can assume that a burglar would probably come prepared. But even if that happens, these products will surely help you buy some time or give you a warning of an intruder.

Fence and wall spikes

Spikes can be used on the garden fence or boundary walls to safeguard perimeters. With our range of anti-climb spikes, you can find the most effective solutions to safeguarding your boundaries.

Anti-climb spiked collars

  • Low-cost Prikka Strip Fence Spikes
  • Brick Strip Wall Spikes
  • Galvanised steel Razor Channel
  • Razor Spikes

Anti-climb paint

This is a petroleum gel-based paint and is great to restrain intruders from climbing over your walls, fences, poles or lamp-posts. It is a highly effective anti-climb product that helps in discouraging intruders and eventually prevents anyone from climbing your walls, poles, drain pipes as well as rooftops. The application process is also really simple and you merely have to paint it on to any surface you think needs instant protection. While using these products, you have to be extremely careful as to not harm any public person accidentally. So, it is recommended to use anti-climb paint warning signs with this product, which is also available with on our website.

Roller Barrier

Roller Barriers are a part of the non-hostile anti-climb products which will prove to be most effective in public places to protect vulnerable people, especially children. If you want to effectively secure your perimeter without the risk of anyone seriously injuring themselves, then roller spinner or roller barrier is the best non-aggressive anti-climb product.

Spiked Collars for poles & pipes

Anti-climb spiked collars are specifically created to stop people climbing up poles and pipe-work. With the installation of a spiked collar, you ensure the safety of pieces of equipment that are mounted on poles like CCTV camera or street lights. Poles can be an easy way of access to your building or home and spiked collars are highly effective to stop this but spiked collars can are potentially dangerous and must be installed with regards to safety.