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It is very important to know how the physiological aspects of our body actually matter. We hardly think about all this. But, machines do think because the software used have that particular sequence of the algorithm. Sounds strange right? But, such physiological aspects can be the key to provide justice to an individual. So, today’s article shall reflect that how are the lie detector tests are based on physiological aspects.

physiological aspects


The physiological expression of the person is of a vital importance during a lie detection test. The reason behind this is that when a person is lying it is not that easy to read the truth of the statement by naked eyes, but it is quite easy for the machine, because it does not work like the human eyes, rather it senses the pulses. One more interesting thing, whenever we tell a lie, our brain has to work more in designing the lie and then opening it up near the other person, but when we are speaking the truth the responses are quick. So, the delay in the reply pattern is an important sign that we are thinking about what the lie I should tell. Hence, this is also caught by the machine. The span naturally increases because the person who is being tested upon is not prepared with the answers because he is not knowledgeable about these questions to be asked of him. At this moment it is important to note that the body undergoes certain changes.


 So you must be wondering that why the heartbeats increase. There is the logic behind this. There is an increased circulation of the oxygen in the body at this time because our body is in the need of more oxygen. So, the heart has to go faster with the pumping levels, this increases the heartbeat. This explanation shall not be given by the examiner, rather the explanation shall be provided by the machine which cannot be taught to lie during the results.

Elevated blood pressure levels- at normal conditions, a healthy person has a normal blood pressure level. But when he or she is lying, the heart starts pumping at a quicker rate. This, in turn, increases the blood pressure level. This is quite easy to make out whether the person is lying or not.


This is also a very significant sign. A normal metabolism of the body does not require frequent exhalation and inhalation. But when a person is lies, automatically the metabolism rate increases and hence forcing him to increase his breathing rate. This, in addition, leads to perspiration. Such abnormal perspiration is also an important and quick aspect that can tell that a person is lying.


Our eyes are not enough to realize the truth behind the body expressions and the gestures that we present to the others. We just keep on wondering that why the other person was behaving so clumsily while he was asked to answer my question. But we keep on thinking and yet get no answer. But, the reality is that the body signs express a lot. They are the real expressions. So, with the lie detection test, the values get added to our gestures. Be very careful if you are lying, there is always an option to bring the truth out of you.