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The 5 Ways To Buy Ripple

Ripple (XRP) has been considered as the next best cryptocurrency and today it costs around $0.50. It’s not the most popular cryptocurrency (yet) but it does hold a very promising potential. When people are looking for the next best thing on the cryptocurrency today ripple is the best bet and the word of mouth. While it’s very easy to decide on getting ripple, getting one isn’t as easy converting one into your local currency. You see Ripple is still new and there aren’t any known platform that has mustered credibility that people can directly trade on (so they think).

When you want to trade with ripple you have to buy bitcoin or ethereum first and when you want to convert ripple to your local currency you repeat the process in reverse. This challenge doesn’t really make anyone discouraged, it will even spark the desire to trade ripple even more. The question is “how to buy ripple?”, read further to find out.

Kraken: If you’re interested in directly trading XRP with USD there is no better place than Kraken. It’s a very popular platform that would say a lot about its credibility. With their offering, buying XRP isn’t that of a problem. Proving only that the platform is dedicated to providing people a good place to invest in and support cryptocurrency in totality. It lets you trade XRP with EUR, USD, JPY, and CAD, cool right?

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Bitstamp: Bitstamp offers to trade with USD and EUR. It may not have a lot to offer versus Kraken but it does offer the option and it’s one of the trusted platforms that are out there today. If you want a trusted place you can never go wrong with Bitstamp.

Binance: Surely when you talk about a good cryptocurrency trading platform, you hear about Binance. It’s only one of the fastest growing platform today and part of that success is their unrelenting pursuit in providing a good user experience to their site and they offer XRP trading as well.

Bitsane: Bitsane isn’t really at the top of the “best trade platform” but it’s there somewhere and part of that reason is that they don’t have a direct trading for XRP. You still need to buy the popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, Iconomi in order to have it changed to XRP.

Poloniex: Polinex is one of the biggest as well. It’s not really big on XRP now and you still need to convert your local currency to BTC and ETH in order to buy XRP but its are a very promising place nonetheless.

Ripple has been looked into as the next Bitcoin. People see it as an opportunity to cash in big just like how bitcoin exploded in 2017. While it’s very enticing to buy one with all the hype, you have to understand that it’s still in its early stages. This can only mean that it will still be challenging to treat it with your local currency, but it’s not like it’s 2004 where cryptocurrency was only known to a small number of tech people. Now you got various online platforms where you can get them. You still can’t get XRP directly for the most part though but it’s easier since there are now more credible places to go to. If you want more information on how to buy ripple, visit cryptalker.com.