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What is kava and how is it good for you?

Normally, the kava is a natural herbal remedy that has made from the roots of piper methysticum. In the South Pacific region, this kava is a most famous social drink like an alcohol, especially among the Western societies. Once you have decided to take this extract or beverage, you must be very careful about the side effects of kava and also know about its safety concerns. This is because; the kava consists of substances known as kavapyrones. Simply, they act like alcohol on your brain and then make you feel relaxed, happy and calm as well. Also, this drink can be used to stop seizures, relax muscles and relieve pain. At present, you can purchase this herbal supplement on the internet as well as in the health food stores. It is available in the form of tablets, tinctures or capsules. Additionally, the kava supplement has also been used to treat a number of medical related conditions that include:

  • Stress
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Anxiety such as generalized anxiety disorder
  • Premenstrual syndrome that includes physical and emotional symptoms, which come before the women’s period

Dosage, benefits and side effects of kava

trouble sleeping

Actually, the kava is a portion of the nightshade family of plants and its native is South Pacific Islands. Over the years ago, the pacific islanders have used this supplement as a traditional drink in order to sponsor the spot of relaxation. Recently, the kava has obtained the widespread attention for its stress reducing as well as relaxing properties. Still, it has been associated with so many health concerns, so the questions are rising on its safety. As per the experts review, the dosage of kava is recommended to intake 250 mg daily, but does not beyond that.

How to get good sleep with the help of kava?

Generally, the lack of sleep is connected to several medical problems such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, depression and high blood pressure. To realize this, most of the people can turn to sleep medications, which support them to sleep better. With this kava how to get good sleep? Commonly, it can be used as a substitute to these sleep medications; because of its calming effects. According to the study, the kava was discovered to decrease the stress as well as insomnia than compared to any other drugs. Thus, the kava is more effective to enhance the sleep quality and also decrease anxiety.