The good old Bitcoins – ATM machines

                As you know there are various ways you can convert it, one Bitcoin converter is a Bitcoin ATM machine, yes there is such a thing, it is just like any regular old ATM machine. There’s just a bit more to it.

How does it work?
So it’s just like any other ATM machine, where you enter a card and you can get money out. You have to have a debit card or cash on hand if you want to receive cash, after depositing your cash the machine will send the Bitcoins to your Bitcoin or your email if you prefer. And if you are selling and want to get cash you will have to enter the amount you want to sell and send it to the address that will be displayed, then the money will be given.


Why use it?

            So you may wonder why a Bitcoin ATM is a good Bitcoin converter, well because it is one of the easiest ways, it doesn’t require much, all you need is a Bitcoin wallet, and you’re all set. So if you’re a first timer then you will have no pressure as it is one of the easiest things to do.

Are there cons with using this?

            Like all good things there will be a few disadvantages, one of the main disadvantages is that it incurs a 5 to 10% fee per purchase. And there is a markup that needs to be paid when you want to receive cash as well.