Yantra By Hemant Oberoi

Missing Indian flavors?

The worst part of leaving India is leaving Indian food. India is a country of festivals, colors and flavors. Every state has its own tradition, culture, importance and food. No matter if its south India, north India , Maharashtra, Gujarat or any other state, they have their own flavor and every flavor have its own essence.

Indian chefs are now expanding the reach of Indian cuisine in foreign countries through their restaurant chains and such Yantra is result of such an effort.

Restaurant of celebrity chef

Yantra is a restaurant by Chef Hemant Oberoi, which is known for its Indian cuisine. It promotes to fine North Indian cuisine with a balance of contemporary and classic flavors. it also holds a very classic Bar that holds collection of uncommon and innovative whiskeys, non alcoholic and alcoholic tipples. They have the best wine collection in more than 250 new and old world labels to pair with food. Along with good food, they offer best services and surroundings.

The owner of the restaurant chef Hemant Oberoi is a very renowned Indian chef. His experimenting habit have made him a trend setter; he mix Indian and western food to invent a new dish. His menu is a perfect mix of authentic Indian cuisine and contemporary dishes. Chef Hemant Oberoi has market his achievement in culinary world by his signature dishes like Quinoa chaat, gulab jamun tiramisu and Varqui Crab. Food in Yantra is not only cooked delicious but also served beautifully. The idea behind serving is that it should give happiness to eater’s eyes first.

Chef Hemant Oberoi is not only celebrity chef but has also cooked for leading stars and world renowned personalities like ex President of America and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Marget Thatcher,  Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit. Yantra also owes many awards like Singapore Tatler best Restaurant 2012 and many more.

Dine area and Services

Dining area in the restaurant is extremely beautiful; it has dim and dark dividers that lit the décor which has been complemented with white tablecloths and extravagant seats. It really gives elegant and rich vibes to the eater. One of the best things about Yantra is that you don’t need to roam around the mall for washroom, they owe very clean and private washroom for their foodies.

If you are in Singapore make sure you visit there for authentic yet luxurious food.