Find Fresh Fish Delivery Services Near You

Seafood can be ordered online or over the phone at most national chains and small-scale markets nationwide — it just takes some searching! To start, use a search engine like Google or Yelp by typing in keywords such as “fresh seafood delivery near me. With a few clicks, you should be able to zero in on local businesses that offer fresh fish delivery in your area.


Supposedly, seafood lovers in major coastal cities have easy access to ready-to-eat seafood that is almost always fresh. But what about if you live in a smaller city with no fish market in sight? There’s no need to worry — there are plenty of ways for you to order fresh seafood to be shipped straight to your door.

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Most national chains and small markets offer shipping discounts for customers willing to order at least one pound of fish instead of just buying a single piece. Some seafood orders can even be shipped for free! You can also ask your local fishmonger if they can order and hold a particular item for you if you know you will be on vacation or out of town during the week.


For many consumers, grocery store chains are the go-to option. Unlike specialty markets, many grocery stores will ship fresh seafood and some frozen seafood options. The shipping cost will vary depending on where your grocery store is located and how much seafood is being shipped — it’s usually cheaper to ship orders online than over the phone. Most grocery store chains also have minimum purchase requirements that vary by region.