Private tuitions: their benefits and need.

Education received in a small group other than schools and colleges is known as private physics tuition

Is it necessary?

 Private tutoring is not a necessity. It differs from student to student. Some students have a good attention span and can grasp the teaching given in a large group in schools or colleges, while some students may get distracted from outside stimulus and may not be able to retain the attention of the educator and may lose out in their teaching.

The former students do not need private tutoring as such, but the latter can greatly benefit from it. Since not everyone possesses the same qualities, one student may understand things differently than the others. This issue is resolved in private tuitions.

Its benefits:

  • One-on-one teaching: Since private tutoring is done in a batch of 5-10 students, each of them gets the individual attention they require.
  • Customized lessons: The tutor will personalize the lessons based on the individual student’s requirement making it better and fun for them to teach and study as well.
  • Increased confidence: A tutor is not there only to teach but also to work on the confidence of the student, making them believe that they can study the subject well and perform nicely.
  • Repetition of missed teachings: A student that may have missed the lessons in between at schools or colleges needs to understand that before proceeding forward. This is done in private tuitions where the tutor will teach them anything they have missed or need to be repeated.

Not only do they get the individual attention they need, but also get taught in a way they understand better i.e., the tutor modifies their style of teaching to match the way the student understands. Physics, a branch of science needs a lot of attention. One missed lesson can affect the education on this subject greatly.